Last Saturday night, I volunteered and danced at a dance party put on by my regular Thursday night Menlo Park CoDependents Annonymous group for South Bay CoDA members.  I was a little spaced out, but, I had also had a super intense day, and so was feeling a ferocious burning sort of feeling, an impatience with the bullshit of life.

I associate this focused, dark, unsentimental feeling with the Hindu God Shiva.  He represents the cataclysmic, destructive, and violent elements of the universe and is not all sweetness and light, but he is not “evil” and oppositional to the Divine as the Western monotheistic Satan is.  He is, in fact, one third of the Hindu godhead (along with Brahma the Creator and Vishnu/Krishna the Preserver).  So when I am feeling ferocious, but in a spiritual self-aware respectful and refined way, I think of Shiva.

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